The Duties Of Legal Assistants


Legal Assistants and paralegals are found in all types of organizations, but most are employed by law firms (about 70%), corporate legal departments and various government offices make up most of the remaining 30%. In these organizations, they can work in many different areas of the law, including litigation, personal injury, corporate law, criminal law, employee benefits, intellectual property, labor law, bankruptcy, immigration, family law, and real estate.

Employers Benefits Responsibilities


– Unemployment insurance. Companies must provide unemployment insurance. Employers pay for all of it, the employee does not pay for it, yet they can claim these benefits if they lose their job. – Workers compensation. Companies must provide workman’s comp. This includes disability income, medical benefits and time off. The employer pays for all of it, the employee does not pay for it. – Pregnancy disability leave. For companies with […]

Do I Need A Tax Lawyer?


Before hiring a tax lawyer, find out exactly what you need your lawyer to do. You could be facing an IRS tax debt issue, you could require estate planning help or you have business and employment tax issues. There are specialists who work in each of this fields almost exclusively. Make sure that your lawyer is certified and that they have experience in dealing with the IRS. Finally, have realistic […]

How Can My Identity Be Stolen?


Identity theft is one of the most common crimes that exist nowadays. Thieves can steal your identity in various ways. In order to protect yourself you should know how your identity can be stolen. It can be done in a variety of ways. One of those ways is through a house burglary in which your personal documents are stolen. While you’re out in public, your wallet or purse can be […]

Protecting Yourself from Identity Fraud


Your identity is extremely valuable because on a day to day basis you need it to prove who you are for things such as applying for a passport or driving license, opening a bank account, obtaining a loan or getting a credit card. When a criminal gets hold of your identity information they can do exactly the same things in your name without your knowledge. So it’s important to keep […]

Nursing Home Abuse


These are the different types of nursing home abuses. – Physical Abuse. This is abuse that causes physical pain and injuries to the body. – Sexual Abuse. This is non consensual sexual contact with a nursing home resident. – Emotional Abuse. This is abuse where you inflict pain or distress through verbal / nonverbal acts. – Neglect. This includes failure to provide necessary care like providing food, water, medicine and […]