6 Things You Need To Have A Paperless Office


Converting your law firm into a paperless office may seem like a daunting task at first. The task seems overwhelming because you went to school in a system where paper was always the norm and in all your previous legal jobs, paper was also the norm. But a transfer to a paper-free system is worth it. It saves you time and will save you money as well. In order to make the […]

7 Tips To Keep You Safe From Muggers


Going for a trip is a great idea to unwind from a busy hectic life. But your good times may be ruined if you get mugged while on your vacation. Thieves are attracted to touristy cities and locations because that’s where the easy victims are: the tourists. So here are 7 tips to help keep you safe while you’re on a vacation. 1.Don’t Look Like A Tourist Tourists are the […]

5 Important Insurance Laws Affecting You


There are five insurance laws that have a big impact on the life of the ordinary American. Here they are, in no particular order: Unemployment Insurance When the recession started, lots of people went on the unemployed list. Most got by with help from unemployment insurance although how much a beneficiary received varied from one state to another. Besides private sector employees, veterans, government staff and the self-employed could also […]

When Social Media and Stalking Intersect


The ease with which ordinary people can put and pull information on and from the internet has allowed certain cyber crimes to flourish. Cyber crimes are those illegal activities that happen online, on the web. One of these is spamming. Although our laws consider it illegal, it’s mostly an irritant, causing wasted hours to address, say in your email inbox. Another cyber crime that can have ruinous consequences is hacking, […]

Top 6 Tax Benefits Of An S Corp And LLC


Limited liability companies (LLC) and S corporations (S corp) may be structured differently but when it comes to tax benefits, they’re treated almost the same—and they pay significantly reduced personal tax rates as opposed to corporate taxes. Following are the different tax benefits available to both the LLC and S Corp: Tax rate differential Although the regulations governing tax rates and taxation frequently change in the US, the personal tax […]

Top 6 Strategies For Winning A Criminal Case


There’s only so much you can do if you’re a defense attorney, especially as your very work requires you to craft your client’s defense within the bounds permitted by law. You can’t lie, give misleading information, and you have to follow court procedure and decorum at all times. The most successful defense lawyers are probably the most creative as well, because they have an arsenal of strategies to keep their […]