Becoming a Notary Public


A notary public is someone who is authorized by the courts to serve as an impartial witness and acknowledge and certify signatures and documents. A notary public may also administer oaths and affirmations. In some states, a notary may perform civil wedding ceremonies as well. Since the notary witnesses the signing of documents, he or she can make sure that all parties involved are entering into their agreements willingly. To […]



For an object or idea to be patentable, it must fit into one of the following four categories; process, manufacture, machine or composition of matter. The subject matter must also be original, an unmodified, previously existing invention is never patentable. There must be a significant improvement over previous inventions for the new one to qualify. If two previous inventions are combined together, the combination must yield new and unexpected results […]

Nurses Legal Toolkit


Insurance is essential. Shop around for a policy that suits your needs. Continuing education is another essential. Not only does it keep you abreast of the most current changes and innovations in your area of specialty but it is one of the first things an attorney will check into if a claim is filed. Keep all licensing and certifications current. This is another key area that an attorney will investigate […]

Labor Law Info


Labor law is also known as employment law in some parts of the world. These terms can be used interchangeably as they are used to refer to the same thing. Labor law is a broad category that encompasses all area of employer/employee relations. Labor law also includes the negotiation processes and collective bargaining. The purpose of labor law is to protect the employer and the employee in the case of […]

Plea Bargaining Pros And Cons


Plea bargaining is said to be the most critical process in the criminal justice system. Plea-bargaining is when the defendant agrees to settle a case with certain guidelines and conditions. The prosecution will ask the defendant for a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced or even suspended sentence. The prosecution may agree to reduce the amount of charges as well. Roughly 95% of criminal cases are resolved through a […]

Lawyer Communication


Anyone who has hired an attorney for legal representation is entitled to frequent communication and status reports. Every client deserves to know where the case is headed and get an update on the attorney’s progress, or lack of it. If you are thinking about retaining a lawyer, or already have one, here are a few pointers about what to expect from or initiate with your legal counselor. 1. Clients should […]