5 Important Insurance Laws Affecting You


There are five insurance laws that have a big impact on the life of the ordinary American. Here they are, in no particular order: Unemployment Insurance When the recession started, lots of people went on the unemployed list. Most got by with help from unemployment insurance although how much a beneficiary received varied from one state to another. Besides private sector employees, veterans, government staff and the self-employed could also […]

Protecting Yourself from Identity Fraud


Your identity is extremely valuable because on a day to day basis you need it to prove who you are for things such as applying for a passport or driving license, opening a bank account, obtaining a loan or getting a credit card. When a criminal gets hold of your identity information they can do exactly the same things in your name without your knowledge. So it’s important to keep […]

Personal Bankruptcy Laws


When your credit has reached it’s limit and creditors are on you, individuals can file for personal bankruptcy. This can help them get rid of all of their debts by selling off your assets and starting over. There are two options for filing for bankruptcy, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. With Chapter 7, you liquidate all your assets to pay off your creditors. With Chapter 13 you set up a […]

Lemon Law Definition


Lemon Laws in the US were established to help protect the consumer against the purchase of a bad product, most notably automobiles. Understanding your legal rights when it comes to your state’s Lemon Law is important, as is deciding whether or not you should use an attorney. Different states have different laws. To find out what your state’s lemon laws are, simply look on your state’s website, or contact your […]

Selecting a Lawyer


When you are selecting a lawyer, you need to carefully consider some options before you make your selections. Selecting a lawyer can be a tedious and painful task, but when done correctly will make all the difference for the out come of your legal situation. Before hiring a lawyer, you should get a specialist in the field to help you out. They can provide you with a list of competent […]

Legal Nurse Consulting Provides a New Career Opportunity for RNs


A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse with specialized training who is hired as a consultant on medical-related cases. They are necessary because few attorneys know how to read medical records or know how to understand healthcare terminology. Many legal cases surround medical malpractice or are personal injury cases. Attorneys rely on the knowledge of certified legal nurse consultants in these cases. They can routinely earn upwards of $100-$150 […]