Divorce Legal Plan


When going through a divorce you should have a plan set up to have the process be easier on you. Here’s a short guide to help you get through your divorce. – Gather financial documents such as tax returns, bank statements, real estate purchases and sales records. – Find a good lawyer. Not just any lawyer, but one who specializes in divorces. – Avoid stress. This is very difficult to […]

Child Custody


What determines who gets custody of a child? The courts usually make decisions about child custody during a divorce proceeding. The choices used to be simple, the mom would get primary custody and the father would get weekend visitation. However nowadays the decision is based on what is in the best interests of the child. There are a lot of factors that determine which parent is the proper custodian of […]

Last Will And Testament


A last will and testament is a document in which, upon a persons death, arranges for the distribution of all their possessions. With a will, you can determine who gets what, regardless of whether it be family, friends or a charitable organization. Without a will, property goes to the spouse first, then the children next, finally to their descendants. When a person dies, an executor is named in a probate […]

Divorce Made Easy


Divorce is a difficult time for couples. By using this handy guide hopefully you can handle the process better. – Become educated. Things are always less scary when you know more about them. Look for a step by step guide on what happens during the divorce process. – Behave. Losing your temper will not help anyone, especially you. Cooperate at all steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as […]

Finding a Family Lawyer


If you are in need of locating a good attorney, one who specializes in family law, then you need someone who can look after your interests as well as the interests of your children. I have listed five options to help you find the attorney who is right for you. 1. Check with Friends, Family – People you know can be an excellent resource to help you locate a family […]

No-Lawyer Divorce


Many years ago hiring a divorce attorney was financially devastating for many people. Divorce was for the wealthy. The rest of us had no options. We had to beg, borrow, or steal to find the money for an attorney. But now there are more options than ever before for anyone facing a divorce. “Doing everything yourself” has become an option in many states with the advent of approved self-help forms. […]