15 Techniques To Safeguard Your Property


The foremost requirement of buying a home, renting out a property or renovating an old home for reselling is to safeguard all the money spent. We have some suggestions to safeguard your home from any crime. 1. If you are renovating or setting up your property, remember to remove all the tools used at the site after a day’s work. Never leave them overnight. It is better to keep them […]

What Happens If You Don’t Show Up To Court


If you’ve been called to appear in court and you failed to abide by the summons, the consequences of ignoring such formal legal requests can only be detrimental to you or your case (if you have one). Failing to appear often merits a contempt of court punishment but how severe the penalty depends on the nature of your case. Failure to Appear: Civil Torts If you fail to appear on […]

7 Tips To Keep You Safe From Muggers


Going for a trip is a great idea to unwind from a busy hectic life. But your good times may be ruined if you get mugged while on your vacation. Thieves are attracted to touristy cities and locations because that’s where the easy victims are: the tourists. So here are 7 tips to help keep you safe while you’re on a vacation. 1.Don’t Look Like A Tourist Tourists are the […]

When Social Media and Stalking Intersect


The ease with which ordinary people can put and pull information on and from the internet has allowed certain cyber crimes to flourish. Cyber crimes are those illegal activities that happen online, on the web. One of these is spamming. Although our laws consider it illegal, it’s mostly an irritant, causing wasted hours to address, say in your email inbox. Another cyber crime that can have ruinous consequences is hacking, […]

Top 6 Strategies For Winning A Criminal Case


There’s only so much you can do if you’re a defense attorney, especially as your very work requires you to craft your client’s defense within the bounds permitted by law. You can’t lie, give misleading information, and you have to follow court procedure and decorum at all times. The most successful defense lawyers are probably the most creative as well, because they have an arsenal of strategies to keep their […]

3 Common Ways Cops Nab Criminals Via Facebook


There are a lot of stupid criminals on the planet. But the more notorious ones are those that either show off their crimes on Facebook or actually login to their FB accounts from a victim’s machine. The news headlines are increasingly featuring the phrase ‘Facebook’ as the social networking service continues to permeate all aspects of American society. Increasingly, law enforcement authorities are using Facebook to help them build an […]