5 Ways To Avoid Getting A DUI


People look forward to holidays for the joy and relaxation they need so badly but instead of enjoying, many drivers have to go through a lot of hard time after being charged with a DUI and find themselves in need of a DUI Lawyer. If your holiday activities include drinking at a party this time, you can try these five ways to avoid getting DUI: Keep a check on your […]

3 Ways To Find The Right Car Accident Attorney


Severe injuries are often the result of vehicle accidents and if the victim is not knowledgeable about his or her rights, s/he may not get the maximum amount of compensation that s/he’s entitled to. That is why the help of an auto accident attorney at the time of the injury is important. However, finding one who’s experienced and knowledgeable in butting heads with insurance companies who underpay their insured members […]

Medical Negligence Comes To The Fore


Hospitals are liable for the negligence of their employees. Medical negligence occurs when the health professional has not acted in accordance with reasonable practices, as decided by other professionals in the same field. It is the responsibility of the claimant to prove that the negligent act caused damage. A personal injury claim must be brought within 3 years of the injury being recognised. The most common form of hospital negligence […]

Employers Benefits Responsibilities


– Unemployment insurance. Companies must provide unemployment insurance. Employers pay for all of it, the employee does not pay for it, yet they can claim these benefits if they lose their job. – Workers compensation. Companies must provide workman’s comp. This includes disability income, medical benefits and time off. The employer pays for all of it, the employee does not pay for it. – Pregnancy disability leave. For companies with […]

Nursing Home Abuse


These are the different types of nursing home abuses. – Physical Abuse. This is abuse that causes physical pain and injuries to the body. – Sexual Abuse. This is non consensual sexual contact with a nursing home resident. – Emotional Abuse. This is abuse where you inflict pain or distress through verbal / nonverbal acts. – Neglect. This includes failure to provide necessary care like providing food, water, medicine and […]

Medical Malpractice


Medical malpractice is the act of negligence on the part of a heath care provider. When this occurs, it may result in further complications in the condition of the patient, or possibly even the death of the patient. Legal victories in medical malpractice lawsuits typically occur when the health care provider deviates from what is the accepted standards of care, either by mistake or on purpose. The most common types […]