The iPad is a veritable productivity help for the busy lawyer. But to really take advantage of all the iPad can do, you’ll need to have the right apps. Here are the top six apps that you must have installed on your mini work center:


Unlike the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t have a calculator. This two-dollar app is as straightforward as your big, real-world calculator. It’s also super quick in calculations and sports large numbers so you won’t have to squint.


What’s a lawyer without a legal pad? This app allows you to write notes—long hand—with the help of a stylus. You can email the notes you’ve written and download it in PDF to your hard drive or thumb drive for easy accessibility.


For the times when you need to have access to your computer, this app will allow the iPad to connect to your PC desktop. You can even email a document on your desktop to yourself if there’s a need to work with it. The only drawback: LogMeIn is useless though if your PC has been shut down.


Fully compatible with Microsoft Word, this is the iPad’s word processing app must-have. A keyboard attachment will transform your iPad into a work station, allowing you to type notes, view files or edit text with the added bonus of being able to see what changes have occurred on your document while you were working on it.


A hefty PDF reader, this iPad app also allows you to read and write notes on the PDF file.

Documents To Go

It’s a Word document reader that allows you to zoom into text for a larger font size or edit it. App bonus feature: it also lets you edit or view an Excel spreadsheet.