The foremost requirement of buying a home, renting out a property or renovating an old home for reselling is to safeguard all the money spent. We have some suggestions to safeguard your home from any crime.

1. If you are renovating or setting up your property, remember to remove all the tools used at the site after a day’s work. Never leave them overnight. It is better to keep them in a safe place not visible from the street.

2. If you want to sell a property, remove all the mail or garbage from the visible places. Leaving mail or garbage is a straightaway sign that the house is empty.

3. Do not appoint anyone to work on your property before a background research. It is best to thoroughly research the contractors and seek recommendations through your network as much as possible.

4. If you want to sell off a house which has been vacant, try to make it seem occupied. The most simple and effective method is to put up cheap mini-blinds on the windows.

5. Also, buy and place some cheap timers on a few lamps to make the house seem occupied.

6. Although this is a straightforward suggestions but you must get an alarm and buy one coupled with an external siren to warn you.

7. Buy and place motion detector lights all over your house. Keep in mind that the lights are detecting any item which can be stolen for example the air conditioner unit.

8. You must have a fence and it must be tightened to the gates by a chain and a weighty lock.

9. Secure your AC units in cages. A cage comes from $200-$400 and is valuable to pump up security to any expensive item.

10. If you are working on a rental property, remember to make it impermeable as soon as the occupants leave the place.

11. If your house is in a high-crime area, do not publicize that it is for sale. In some areas, publicizing the house for sale is an inviting factor for the criminals.

12. If you want to fix a rental property, it is better to meet the neighbors. Tell them that you have put up a security system and share your contact details with the neighbors.

13. Secure your crawl areas completely with locks. If you want to go an extra mile for your protection, put up a horizontal bar over the crawl areas.

14. Secure all the major systems like circuit breaker or fuse box by putting locks on them. As copper is stolen very frequently, it is better to install other metals for the plumbing system like Pex Tubing. If you cannot replace a visible copper wire, paint it black to cover up.

15. It may be very obvious but securing the windows and doors using heavy and strong locks is an essential protection against crime.