People look forward to holidays for the joy and relaxation they need so badly but instead of enjoying, many drivers have to go through a lot of hard time after being charged with a DUI and find themselves in need of a DUI Lawyer. If your holiday activities include drinking at a party this time, you can try these five ways to avoid getting DUI:

Keep a check on your drinking

The most straightforward way to avoid a DUI during holidays is to keep a check on your drinking. It may involve you taking no drinks at all or just restricting yourself to only a couple of drinks. Remember that an average person get rids of the effects of one standard drink per hour, but this rule does not apply as a strict measure. The body’s reaction to alcohol is different for each person and many factors can change the alcohol processing like the amount of food you have consumed before drinking, your average metabolic rate and such factors. Plainly put, alcohol is a sure way to increase the holiday joy but if you are drinking, avoid getting behind the wheels at any cost.

Use Public Transportation

Taking public transportation to and from your holiday venue is a good idea if it is accessible in your area. Public transportation like buses, taxi cabs, trains or subways are finest choices to keep you safe and away from a DUI. These services are cheaper too, so you can save some bucks as well.

Buy a Breathalyzer

When police suspects a driver of drunk driving and ask a driver to pull over, law enforcement officers usually take a chemical breath test through a device named Breathalyzer. Although the Breathalyzer devices used by the officials are very expensive, there are nearly equally good alternatives that can be bought by the public as well. You can search online for a retailer for these chemical breath test devices and take it along with you on your next party. You can test yourself before leaving the venue to know how safe it is for you to drive.

Get A Designated Driver

Taking a designated/authorized driver with you is definitely one of the simplest ways to reach home safely after holiday drinking and partying. Sadly, this is one of most ignored methods as well. When you are planning a night out, ask a friend or family member to pick you up and drop you off to stay safe.

Reserve a sleeping place

In lots of cases, you can also find yourself a place to stay for the night. As many people usually go to the holiday parties thrown by the friends or family members, so it shouldn’t be difficult to make sleeping arrangements before time. When you sleep at the home of a friend or family member, you will not leave any chance of getting a DUI at all as you will simply eliminate driving back option completely.