5 Ways To Avoid Getting A DUI


People look forward to holidays for the joy and relaxation they need so badly but instead of enjoying, many drivers have to go through a lot of hard time after being charged with a DUI and find themselves in need of a DUI Lawyer. If your holiday activities include drinking at a party this time, you can try these five ways to avoid getting DUI: Keep a check on your […]

15 Techniques To Safeguard Your Property


The foremost requirement of buying a home, renting out a property or renovating an old home for reselling is to safeguard all the money spent. We have some suggestions to safeguard your home from any crime. 1. If you are renovating or setting up your property, remember to remove all the tools used at the site after a day’s work. Never leave them overnight. It is better to keep them […]

6 iPad Apps Every Busy Lawyer Must Have


The iPad is a veritable productivity help for the busy lawyer. But to really take advantage of all the iPad can do, you’ll need to have the right apps. Here are the top six apps that you must have installed on your mini work center: Digits Unlike the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t have a calculator. This two-dollar app is as straightforward as your big, real-world calculator. It’s also super quick […]

3 Ways To Find The Right Car Accident Attorney


Severe injuries are often the result of vehicle accidents and if the victim is not knowledgeable about his or her rights, s/he may not get the maximum amount of compensation that s/he’s entitled to. That is why the help of an auto accident attorney at the time of the injury is important. However, finding one who’s experienced and knowledgeable in butting heads with insurance companies who underpay their insured members […]

What Happens If You Don’t Show Up To Court


If you’ve been called to appear in court and you failed to abide by the summons, the consequences of ignoring such formal legal requests can only be detrimental to you or your case (if you have one). Failing to appear often merits a contempt of court punishment but how severe the penalty depends on the nature of your case. Failure to Appear: Civil Torts If you fail to appear on […]

The 3 Pillars Of A Booming Legal Career


As the song goes, it’s a jungle out there and every fresh law graduate can attest how difficult it is these days to get a firm footing in the legal world. For starters, it’s very difficult to land a job after graduation from law school. Add to that a debt burden right out of the school’s gate and no wonder, new lawyers have it bad. Be that as it may, […]